Knowledge made accessible

As national knowledge and data centre for weather, climate and seismologic information, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has the public task to inform the people of the Netherlands about the weather and climate and warn them for extreme weather conditions. The KNMI was one of the first government parties with their own website. In 25 years a wealth of information was gathered and put online. The previous site no longer kept up with the expectations and demands of the today’s visitors.

My role: concept, interaction design, UX/UI design & art-direction

Done on behalf of Mangrove


In-depth articles about our weather & climate

The KNMI is more than just a weather information service. To help visitors understand the weather and climate better, the homepage offers links to in-depth articles about related weather and climate information.


25 years of knowledge, now easily found 

The online knowledge center was hard to find and mostly used by researchers. Today it is an accessible popular-science platform with background information on earthquakes, climate change and research on wind speeds. All this information is readily available and divided into different categories and content levels.


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